One man who tried every day to bring happiness to others was the well-known artist Vincent van Gogh. He suffered from depression, migraines and low self esteem. He often had to be quiet and rest until the pain passed, or until he felt he could be useful to others in service. Because of his love for God and for mankind, the man dreamed of being in ministry in his church. The church actually hired him, but fired him shortly afterwards for giving away too much from the church. Eventually, he poured himself into his painting which was mostly funded by his beloved brother Theo. Van Gogh's own family, with the exception of his brother, didn't realize the gift he had. It seems even he didn't know what a fabulous talent he had been given. He was original not only in his thinking and his service to others, but also in his paintings. He used unique strokes and colors that had never been seen before during the Impressionist Era. Sadly, he died at the young age of 37, but his life inspires us all to this day. He was truly a selfless individual and we all could learn from him. For many reasons, he's always been one of my favorites.

This enlightened and descriptive song by Don McLean is a beautiful tribute to the beautiful and remarkable soul of Vincent van Gogh. It will help us remember Van Gogh with gratitude and inspiration in our hearts for a man who loved and served with all of his heart.