I guess we need to draw a fine line between 'cheap food' and 'junk food', because chips and Twinkies are not on this list.

Basically, a recent poll asked people what their favorite cheap food was. Is your favorite on this list? And what is the #1 favorite 'Cheap Food' in America?

Believe it or not -- The picture is from the Instant Ramen Noodle Museum!

Here are the Top 10

1.  Ramen noodles. Oh yeah, MSG in a cup.

2.  Tacos from a taco truck. - We don't have those here. Maybe we need some!

3.  A hot dog at Sams. Gotta admit. Pretty tasty

4.  Buttered noodles with parmesan cheese. Anything with pasta is fine with me

5.  Bagel bites. Not so much

6.  Mac and cheese. Again with the pasta. At least Mac and Cheese is almost instant gratification

7.  Cut up hot dogs and baked beans. Or...cut up hot dogs and chili

8.  An entire frozen Tombstone pizza.

9.  Regular grilled cheese, white bread and American. My sister makes them the best

10.  Hamburger Helper.  Nothing like plenty of sodium in your hamburger meat!