I try to avoid weddings like the plague. Sorry, but I'm such a cynic when it comes to such things. It seems that half the guest are hammered by the time the first dance rolls around and the other half are making book on how long the marriage will last. That's just me.

The first dance at a wedding is usually a pretty dull affair. The guilty parties (meaning the bride and groom) have usually selected some sappy love song and they go out on the floor and the bride dances while the poor groom does his best slow dance moves which are usually quite workman-like and, if the guest are lucky, the song is mercifully short.

This couple took another direction completely. You may not be familiar with the song. It's an oldie called "I Put a Spell on You' by an insane performer named Screamin' Jay Hawkins and the couple seems to have real magical powers as the dance to it. Some of the effects are pretty magical since at one point, they both seem to defy gravity all together. I think you'll enjoy this first dance.