I usually don't do movie reviews here. I gotta say I was not really excited when I read the description of the movie when I pulled it out of the Netflix envelope. My wife usually picks the movies and when I read "a coming of age story" I thought here we go with a chick flick. I was so wrong.


If you grew up in the seventies you are going to love this movie. The music itself will transport you back in time. The fashions and cars were so authentic. The story is about a kid (with a super conservative, rock and roll hating mom) who gets a chance to travel with a rock band and write a story about them for Rolling Stone magazine. The movie is brutally honest about the drugs, sex and rock and roll of the seventies. It's really a rock and roll love story of sorts.Check out the movie and let me know what you think.

The scene on the following video takes place after the band has an epic fight and all but breaks up. It proves that music is the ultimate healer.