Yes, it's true. Alice Cooper actually and literally bought a vowel. Michael Keaton's real name is not Michael Keaton and American eating habits.

You'll know the stories behind those facts after you read this:

1.  The average American eats more than half their meals alone.  We're most likely to eat breakfast alone, and least likely to eat dinner alone.

2.  MICHAEL KEATON'S real name is Michael Douglas.  He picked "Keaton" as a stage name because obviously there was ALREADY an actor named Michael Douglas . . . and he liked the way DIANE KEATON'S name sounded.

But wait....there's more! Diane Keaton's real name is Diane Hall . . . Keaton was her mother's maiden name.   Also, her nickname is 'Annie' . . . which is where Woody Allen got the title for "Annie Hall".  Now that's what a I call important information.

5.  Hugh Hefner donated the money to pay for a new "Y" in the Hollywood sign in 1978.  Alice Cooper paid for the third "O."