You've probably seen how the votes on Super Tuesday landed. There was a lot of support on the Republican side for Donald Trump. The Democratic side showed their support for Hillary Clinton.

More and more voters are beginning to see what their choices in November are going to be as far as the major political parties are concerned. So, what does that mean for Louisiana's Presidential Primary on Saturday? Actually there is still a lot at stake. 

Joshua Stockley spoke to the Louisiana Radio Network on that issue and in a story published by LRN Stockley's comments were quite intriguing.

Louisiana is even more important now than it was before Super Tuesday, particularly for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

The announcement yesterday by Dr. Ben Carson that he was dropping out of the race will really increase the focus on the three remaining Republican candidates. How Louisiana voters feel will probably give either Mr. Cruz or Mr. Rubio a springboard toward catching front runner Donald Trump. Of course, it could simply solidify Trump's grasp on the nomination after the Super Tuesday primaries.

Louisiana probably is going to go for either Trump or Cruz at this point.

Stockley went on to say that he did not believe that Louisiana would be a slam dunk for Trump. He did feel that Democratic voters would offer very robust support for Mrs. Clinton.

The bottom line is we won't know how you feel if you don't cast your vote. Voting will begin this Saturday when the polls open at 6 AM.