Steven Tyler and Joe Perry Did Drugs! Quick... alert the media!

Brenda Chase
Hulton Archive

Steven Tyler Says He Did Drugs With Perry
Steven Tyler says he wasn’t the only Aerosmith member who was abusing drugs in recent years. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Tyler says he and Joe Perry did drugs together in 2008 after years of sobriety. Aerosmith had been working on a new album, which never developed. Tyler says Perry was so impaired by snorting prescription pills, he couldn’t even play his instrument. Tyler says he was no better – he couldn’t sing. Tyler, who is now a judge on “American Idol,” is releasing an autobiography, “Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?” next month. The 63-year-old says he’s sober now and that he signed on as a judge on “Idol” – a show he had never watched – to defy his estranged bandmates and show them he “can’t be held hostage anymore.”