Politico released it's ranking of all 50 states and D.C.this week and, according to that organization, Louisiana came in dead last. The criteria, according to Politico includes things like health, education,death rate and income as well as crime. I know I'm far from alone in feeling that, somehow, this report can't be right.

While we can all readily admit that Louisiana does have problems and one of those problems is education. According to the Politico report, our state ranks 48th in it's reading scores and 49th in math. Don't even get me started on the state of education in our home. Every politician who has sought office in the past 30 years has run on an education platform then abandoned schools, students and teachers once elected.

Another mark where Louisiana failed to measure up was one of income. We have the third highest population of people who live below the poverty level despite the coming uptick in our part of the state.

Lastly, according to the report, we live in one of the unhealthiest states in America. Our life expectancy is lower than average and when it comes to obesity, we rank the third highest in the country.

One point sorely missing from the report is the quality of the people living in Louisiana. Evidently that doesn't count for anything in Politico's viewpoint. As a person who has lived in several parts of the country I can tell you that our people are top-notch when it comes to being friendly and ready to pitch in to help a neighbor ot even a total stranger.

When it comes to the Politico report, I demand a recount!