Since we have been playing "All Christmas, 'til Christmas, a great many of our posts have dealt with that special day. But, this story isn't about Christmas at all...But then again, in a very deep way, it is.

Photo Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

As I've mentioned before, I love stories about the best in people, the best in humanity. I love stories that celebrate the human spirit. Even when those stories aren't about humans at all.

Even when the situation has changed so much over the past year, it's still an uplifting story.

Here is a story about friendship.

Before you watch this, I will tell you that the story itself is over three years old. But, isn't that the great thing about stories that are worth retelling? Even though the circumstances of this story have changed completely, it's still worth viewing.

About a year ago, Bella (the dog) was killed by a pack of coyotes. Here is the story that aired about that event.