Teacher Appreciation Week is May 7 – 11 . It's a great time to thank all the educators in the area and there are ways (other than apples) to thank them.

When you consider all teachers have to do in addition to teaching our little perfect darlings, it's mind boggling!

Here are a few simple things you can do to show teachers some much deserved appreciation:

1. A hand-written note from you to each of your child’s teachers, personalized for each teacher to express how that particular teacher has helped your child. Be sure to include ALL your child's teachers and not just their favorites. Case in point: At the beginning of my 6th grade year, there was a teacher I didn't like because I had heard what a terror she was. I later learned that the only reason some kids didn't like her was that she expected kids to do their work (how dare she?). She not only became my favorite teacher that year, I would say she was one of the best ever because she gave me a love a reading that I still have today! How on earth do you thank someone for that?

2. A hand-written card or note from your child to their teacher. Just a couple of sentences will do. No need to make it feel like a homework assignment.

3. If you are the class mom, or have a directory that allows you to connect to the other parents of the kids in your child’s classroom, invite each student to bring in one flower. The teacher will end up with a bouquet!

4. With the same idea as #3 in mind, give the teacher a basket and have each student bring in a piece of fruit. Your teacher will wind up with a great fruit basket!

5. Find out what your teacher’s favorite color is and then pick a day for all the students to wear that color to school.

There are lots of other creative ways to thank teachers. They don't have to cost a lot or take a lot of planning..just a bit of thought.

Teaching can be a thankless job. Let's let the teachers in the 5 Parish area know they are appreciated!