Let me tell you that Ted Nugent knows how to work a crowd. Ted appeared at the grand opening of Action Arms in Sulphur this past Saturday and in no time at all he had the crowd on it's feet with his take on everything from the government to hunting to the 2nd Amendment.

Nugent and I were scheduled to have a shoot-out in the pistol range, but that didn't happen because of the massive number of people wanting autographs. We did, however, agree to have a little pistol competition next time he's in the area.

I didn't exactly get to hang out with Ted but we did get to talk about firearms and various other things during the brief time I had with him. I gotta tell ya, The Nuge is one great guy. Very down-to-earth and there is no doubt whatsoever that he truly loves his fans. Despite an endless line of autograph hunters, the man took the time to talk to everyone in the line. Not a lot of performers are like that with their public.

At one point during his address to the crowd, he sent a special message to the kids in the audience. It was a message to stay 'clean and sober as he has now for 66 years.