When one of our salespersons went to get in her vehicle this morning, she found a little reptile friend just hanging out, waiting for her.  It was a three-foot alligator.  She was not impressed.

Our radio stations aren't very far from the swampland surrounding the train tracks near the Interstate 10 bridge.  It's not uncommon to see snakes or turtles wander into our parking lot.  It is not, however, common for alligators to spring up and just chill in our lot.  This video will not go very far toward dispelling the notion that Louisiana residents just hang out with alligators every day.

A three-footer ain't nothin' to sneeze at.  That, however, did not stop Don Rivers from poking him (we assume it's a him for some reason) with a stick.  This is NOT recommended behavior, because gators are faster than you think -- especially little fellers like this one.

The good folks at Wildlife and Fisheries came down to take him away, and it was for the best.  They released him in a more gator-friendly area, mostly unharmed.

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