So, I'm sitting at my desk "working", when a co-worker walks in with a bag of pork rinds. Now, I'm no nutrition expert but, I gotta think that's not going to be a real "heart healthy" snack.

Well, while my co-worker is packing away his "hog renderins", another co-worker walks in and informs him that, if he nukes them, they're even better. I had never heard of such a thing but I did manage to talk my friend into trying it.

My friend Kris say's they are indeed quite tasty, but you've only got about five minutes before they go all wibbly wobbly. Kris prefers the "hot and spicy" while my suggestion would be to buy the regular flavor and shake in Tony's to taste. There is also a new seasoning called Cajun Red Head that is good on just about anything. You can find out about that product HERE

I've since found out that they make "microwave pork rinds." Silly. Just go to your local Pak 'N Stuffit", buy a bag and nuke them till they're hot. Enjoy with a cold beverage. Then, schedule an appointment to have your cholesterol checked.