Okay, you've got talent. You've got something you want to share but there's just one problem; you can't get booked until you've already been booked. How do you share your talent?

An enterprising group if people have come up with a fantastic idea! this is a very exciting project for performers and fans alike!

From  itineranttheatre.com

People want to tell their story, interpret their times, write and act with beauty and truth…for the stage. We want to make that possible. Our mission at Itinerant Theatre, Inc. is to provide an affordable, professional forum for the performing arts so as to generate broader audiences for theatre, professional opportunities for artists and productions for artistically underserved communities.  We will build on our Board membe rs’ collective experience of presenting, producing, directing, acting & writing for the theatre & other performing arts, all on a shoestring budget.

In June 2012 we began with BiCentennial Year celebrations  ”The Firsts ~ They Made a Difference”, four one-woman plays by Carolyn Woosley.  In early October 2012 we premier a fifth, “Cleoma ~ A First” and  host an evening of  SWLA music with “The Magnolia Sisters”.  In early November back by popular demand we produce three favorite one-woman plays, now called: “The Writers”  (Maggie, Kate & Rosa).   In December we inaugurate “The Play’s the Thing”, our play reading series.

Stay tuned as we showcase & cultivate the talents of many people — young & old — as writers, actors, cast & crew in front of & behind the curtain!


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