Most of us remember staying up late on Saturday night to watch "Midnight Special." It was a chance to see the top groups of the world perform their hits. For the most part and with very few exceptions, the groups would actually perform their hits live. that doesn't seem like such a big deal now but, up until "Midnight Special" rolled out, lip sync was the norm.

So here ya go. Fleetwood Mac performing their very first hit, 'live."

Just a bit of background on this clip. At the time of this performance, Fleetwood Mac was not the international superstar band they are today. In fact, this was their very first hit on the American TOP 40 charts.

The line-up that included Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks had been together for just under a year. The band, prior to that, had no less than 8 or 9 line-up changes since they were formed in 1967 as a blues band. Of that 1967 line-up only Mick Fleetwood and John McVie remain.

So here they are performing their first hit on Midnight Special in early 1976-