As a whole, 2014 had a lot of controversy. But here in the Lake Area, readers at chose to "accentuate the positive." The stories that got the most traffic on our website this year are all heart-warmers, and in a negative world, that makes a lot of difference.

Thanks to all our readers for making 2014 a great one for our radio station and our website. We're looking forward to bringing you more great stories about the Lake Area in 2015!

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    Sean Ardoin Shoots "Zydeco Happy" With Local Celebrities

    Zydeco Artist Takes Mega Hit and Makes It Local

    When Pharrell Williams released the song "Happy," it immediately went into overdrive.  When Sean Ardoin saw the video for the song, he knew he could recreate the same thing in Lake Charles -- so he did. The result was a video that's been seen over 51,000 times since this summer, and a wonderful calling card for the Lake Area.

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    Lake Charles Named 8th Happiest City in America

    And That Should Put a Smile on Your Face

    A paper by a Harvard professor showed that six of America's happiest cities were in Louisiana, and we landed at eighth on that list. How did they arrive at that? Science.  )Actually, it was the CDC's "Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System."  See, isn't it easier to just call it 'science?')

    Scott Lewis
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    1954 Lake Charles Promotional Film Surfaces

    Here's an Incredible Look into Lake Charles' Past

    Oh, the wonders of YouTube. An old film that was made to promote Lake Charles recently got digitized and uploaded, thanks to McNeese. The 25-minute video gives you not only an incredible look at old, vanished landmarks, but at the way Lake Charles looked at itself in the 1950s.

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    Sulphur Gets Featured on National TV Show with Terry Bradshaw

    City Gets a Pat on the Back

    It's not often that Sulphur makes national news, but the show "Today in America" shot a four-minute segment on the town last year.  Even though this post actually came from 2013, it was still getting a lot of views this year, which is why it made our list. The word is getting out that Sulphur's a fine place to live, and this video is a testament to that.

    92.9 The Lake
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    The I-210 Skateboarder -- Greg 'Flash' Demarie

    Local Resident Revisits Legendary Skateboarding Incident

    In May, we ran across a video that blew our minds. Many of us had heard stories about a man who had skateboarded down the I-210 Bridge in the 1970s, but it seemed like an urban legend. Until we saw it for ourselves. Even better than that, he reached out to us, and we interviewed him. Here's one of the coolest local stories of the year, and you can even watch the original video, too.

    Greg Demarie