The new technology involved in radio is just amazing. There are far too many new "gadgets" to go into here, but one thing I love is that I can pull up a map of the world and see where people are listening to "The Lake" on-line. Now, before you panic, we can't see "who" is listening, only "where."


Last week, I was looking at the map when, suddenly, a dot appeared in Europe. At first I thought it was some friends of mine in England, but when I put on my glasses, i noticed the dot was in Romania. So, just on a lark, I thanked the folks for listening in Romania.I never expected to actually hear from them...but I did!

Turns out that the folks listening were Dave Blackwell ( Basile, La.) and Scott Fuller of Houston, Texas.  Both American's working on an oil rig in Romania. They even sent along some pictures.


(above) That's Dave and Scott. Dave is pointing to the sign

Dave is back in the U.S. working in Louisiana. Many thanks to Dave and Scott for listening while so far away!

d. blackwell

(above) Dave tells me that one of the local gypsy gentlemen brings his horse and wagon to the rig from time to time to get scrap lumber.

d. Blackwell

(above) Local cattle are allowed to graze in the field next to the rigs.


If you have friends in "far away places" ask them to tune in and send us a picture! Today, Southwest Louisiana...Tomorrow the WORLD!