It's sort of like the old family thing; we can fight among ourselves, but attack one of us and you've got the whole family after you.

Now, I'm not a native, but I consider myself a 'member of the family.'

Here, if you are new to the area, are a few ways to really 'Hack off People in Lake Charles.

1. Refer to the town as 'Lake Chuck' - People from San Francisco hate it when people call it 'Frisco.' Same with folks from Lake Charles. It may sound sort of flip and cool, but we don't like it, so cut it out.

2. Talk about how great Texas is- It's nothing personal. It's just that there's no love lost between Louisiana and Texas. While Texas is a huge state and has a lot to offer, we feel that Louisiana has just as much to offer in a much smaller area.

3. Anglicizing people's names- I grew up in Texas where it was He-Burt and Tray Han. Well and good for other parts of the country, but here, people are very proud of their cajun heritage. It won't kill you to learn to pronounce the names of people. places and foods. I once heard a guy refer to Jambalaya as "Jam Bail Ya'. We took him to the city limits, stole his clothes and set him free.

4. Never say you ate at a 'Cajun' restaurant in California or New York- No you didn't. You may have eaten at a restaurant that called itself 'Cajun', but it wasn't Cajun food. Trust us on this one. I have a friend who ate at a 'Cajun' restaurant in Hollywood. They kept warning her that the food was hot. Her description was 'bland.'

5. Keep calling The Saints, the 'Aints'- Yeah, they had a bunch of bad years, but the Saints are a force to be reckoned with. Chances are they've beaten YOUR team.

6. Never, Never, Never Refer to Crawfish as Crayfish- Yes, it's the true pronunciation of the word, but only in science or biology class. If you call them 'crayfish' around here, you'll look like an idiot.

7. Refer to McNeese University as 'Ryan Street High'- So you're all smug because you went to some fancy school. Chances are, your boss went to 'Ryan Street High.'

8. Going on and on about how great Lafayette is- Folks in Lake Charles are sick of hearing about Lafayette.  Lafayette got an over inflated opinion of itself because it got the 'Oil Center' a million years ago. People in Lake Charles are much friendlier and polite than folks in Lafayette. Just because they have more stores in their mall doesn't make them special.