Donovan was the iconic 60's flower child. While his early work was dismissed as a 'Dylan Wanna Be', Donovan came to be the human personification of 'flower power.'

Now, Donovan says that it's time go move forward by going back to his early days.

Donovan, who was born in Scotland, became part of the 'British Invasion' with a song he recorded in Nashville.  Now, the 67 year old former flower child says he wanted to return to Nashville to record his new album entitled 'Shadows of Blue.'

Donovan says that several of the tracks for 'Shadows of Blue' were written decades ago, but he just didn't feel the time was right to record them. In fact, he pretty much forbade himself to record the songs unless he could record them in Nashville.

Donovan says that, after recording the songs in the home of country music, he's glad he waited. He adds that the songs came to life in the Nashville studio.

You can listen to the latest work by Donovan and buy his latest release on his website.