I came across a great article at NYDailyNews.com and it deals with something that could help everyone who has trouble going to sleep at night. According to the article, that nightcap you have just may be part of the cause for your insomnia rather than the cure. Other culprits can include sugar, fatty food and, big shock, coffee.

If you have trouble falling asleep at night, give one of these natural fixes a chance. they're all better than popping some kind of pill to help you drift off to dream land.

Cherry Juice – I know quite a few people who take melatonin to help them sleep and cherry juice contains natural meltonin. That's great news since my granddaughters love cherry juice and I usually have some in the fridge.

Milk – This is an oldie,but, as it turns out, a goodie. Milk contains tryptophan and tryptophan does make us sleepy. Turkey supposedly contains the same chemical, but experts say not enough to actually work for insomnia.

Whole Grains – The key to this one is magnesium. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer, so eating whole grains like Quinoa, barley and buckwheat could help with that problem

Bananas – A great bedtime snack as they’re loaded with magnesium and potassium. My brother-in-law also swears by them in helping prevent restless leg syndrome.

Sweet Potatoes – Just like bananas, sweet potatoes contain potassium which helps relax muscles.

Valerian Tea – I've tried this one and it really did help. Now, it smells like something you'd find on a zookeeper's heel, but I've found that it did help me go to sleep. My doctor is a big believer in valerian tea as well.