I was kind of perusing the internet this morning when I found a great article in a publication called The Independent about foods you shouldn't refrigerate. I was only a few foods down the list when I found that, with only two exceptions, I store everything on the list.

I thought I'd pass the information along to you.

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    Tomaotes, Bananas and Avocados

    Here's the deal on these foods: while keeping them in the fridge does keep them from spoiling, there is also a downside to keeping these babies in the fridge, and that is a loss of flavor. It seems that refrigeration keeps these foods from ripening properly.

    The article suggests that you keep them at room temp and just buy what you need so they don't have to go to the cooler.

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    Turns out that keeping potatoes in the fridge alters the flavor of potatoes because the cold makes the starches in potatoes into sugars. Now, I like the sweet flavor that refrigeration gives spuds, so this one is up to your individual taste.

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    I always heard that keeping bread in the fridge would keep it fresher longer and keep it from going stale. Turns out that refrigeration actually makes the bread go moldy and stale even faster. Keep it on the counter or in the bread box (do people still have bread boxes), and you'll save money.

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    Cooking Oils

    There's really no need to keep cooking and flavoring oils like olive or vegetable oils in the fridge. Actually, according to the article, refrigeration makes these oils thicker and thus harder to cook with. Even without refrigeration, olive oil and vegetable oil have pretty long shelf lives.

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    Wow! I know tons of people who store their coffee in the fridge. The thinking is that it keeps the coffee fresher longer, but the truth of the matter is that it messes with the flavor of the coffee. The reason is that coffee tends to absorb smells from the other foods in the fridge, and that can make that first cup in the morning taste a little off.

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    Cantaloupes and Melons

    Seriously? I thought these items needed to be refrigerated as soon as you get them home, but if you store melons and such at room temp instead, it preserves the antioxidants. The article suggests that you keep such foods at room temp until it's been cut up, then refrigerate the pieces long enough to make them cool when you serve them.