It's not unusual to hear NFL  teams (or any sports teams) talk about being in "transition" or in a "rebuilding" year.  I'm sure right now, The New Orleans Saints wish they could could use either of those phrases to describe their upcoming 2012 season.   No, the Saints are in the middle of controversy, panic and uncertainty. Not a good idea to fan the flames..and yet...

Not that the penalties for the so-called "Bounty" system weren't enough; now we have the Saints owner buying the Hornets and the question of Drew Brees is hovering overhead like that well known sword.  If all this "disharmonic" conversion was depicted in a movie, no one would believe it.

Many fans are calling the contract dispute between the Saints and Drew Brees a matter of disrespect. It certainly looks that way, doesn't it?  One would think that, with all the other upheaval going on in the Saints camp,  the owners would be falling all over themselves trying to keep things outside the controversy as normal as possible.

The Saints are in camp today getting ready for training...a key part of that team is not there and that is where many fans are seeing the disrespect.  Sure there are plenty of businesses out there that don't put much value on the every day workers that help keep them in business and keep the stock holders happy. but, in a business like pro-sports, people are everything.  The Saints actions are like a guy with a sailboat with no sails..he's just going to wait around and see if he can get those much needed oars a little cheaper.

Bottom line?  Saints are in training. No sails, a stand-in captain, several stand -in deck hands and now they are dragging their feet on signing the navigator. Yes, you may borrow this metaphor when I am finished with it.

Saints' owner Tom Benson claims that they are close to settlement with Brees. Everyone else says that they are miles apart and that negotiations have fallen apart.  Not encouraging news to fans who would love to see the Saints succeed despite all the problems.

Of course the Saints will come to some kind of agreement with Brees.   There is a mid-May deadline on the negotiations. To wait until Mid-May would be a slap in the face to Brees and he deserves better.

If  Benson botches this, he'd better hope the Hornets turn out to be one hell of a team!