Doesn't there seem to be an abundance of movies out there?  Even so, you've got to check out these 55 films that were started but never made it to the screen.

For example, when Orson Welles died, he had 300,000 ft of film of Don Quixote and had spent 30 years and made several films just to try to finance this project.

The 1960's had several projects that never made it to the screen.  Wouldn't you have loved to see 1965's Batman v. Godzilla or 1964's Godzilla v. Frankenstein?  The Beatles wanted to make a film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings in 1960's. Tolkien said no.

Check out these and other films that never made it to the big screen...or the small screen...or any screen for that matter.  Which ones do you want to see?