There's nothing like watching the news to convince you that all humanity has just slid off the rails and that people are basically corrupt and stupid. I know I've had that perception lately and it's all based on the current presidential mess going on.

I won't go off on either candidate at this point because they're both guilty of behaving like trash and neither of them seem to have any pf the qualities that would make them the "best and brightest" America has to offer.

I don't know about you, but I could use a little hope when it comes to mankind and I found it in the Huffington Post. The basis of the article is a short list of facts that seem to point to hope for us.

Here, according to that article, are 5 things to consider when it comes to the basic goodness in most people.

Here are 5 things that may encourage you.

1.  We seek out friendship - that's just part of our nature to seek companionship. We're constantly sending out messages orally and physically to attract other people to us.

2. We have natural empathy - Most of us are pretty good at walking a mile in someone else's shoes. That's part of our collective life experience. In other words, we're pretty good at understanding other peoples problems and needs.

3.  We're not as selfish as you might think -  According to some recent research, we tend to put other people ahead of ourselves. In fact, they seem to think that selfishness is a learned trait and that we are naturally wired to care about others.

4.  We have very real responses to things like hugging. Interesting that, when we give someone a real hug, our bodies release "feel good hormones." Not only that, but we feel more composed and your blood pressure can even lower. Not a bad side effect.

Hugging releases feel-good hormones like oxytocin in the body and lowers blood pressure.  Which is why it's natural to reach out to someone for a hug during hard times.

5. Resiliency - Basically we tend to bounce back from the less that wonderful events of our lives. Our natural tendency is to work through the problem then bounce back and get on track.

So, see? There is hope and it's in each of us. Let's not lose track of what Lincoln called "the better angels in us all."

Here is the source material for this article in the Huffington Post.