It's like kids go in search of new ways to get hurt. The holidays can be especially dangerous because of all the lights, ornaments and candles that are just part of the holiday season.

Here are five dangers around the house if you have small kids running around:



1.  Ornaments.


Bright! Shiny! Fun! Glass ornaments attract kids like light attracts moths. For smaller ornaments there is a choking danger and, of course, the large glass ornaments can break and cause some nasty cuts.



2.  Candles-



You don't have to have kids around for candles to be a fire hazard, but curious little minds and hands can make the danger even greater. Make sure all those candles are well out of reach of tiny hands.




3.  Christmas lights and garlands.


They can get wrapped around their neck if you're not paying attention.  So again, make sure they're out of reach.





4.  The Christmas tree itself.



The tree itself can be a danger for small kids. make sure you have a good, sturdy stand and that the tree is well balanced.







5.  Fireplaces.


It's not so much the fire in the fireplace, but there are tons of hot surfaces around on any fireplace. those spark screens can really heat up and each year, there are lots of ER visits because of those hot surfaces.