Over the past few years, I've really developed a fondness for craft beers. Now, I'm far from being an expert, but I just happen to know someone who is quite the expert when it comes to wine and beer. His name is Scott Tarwater and his official title is Beverage Director of Wine and Special Events for Golden Nugget. Let me tell you that Scott is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to wine and beer.

I asked Scott to share with the 5 American craft beers that everyone should try and he came up with 5 great ones. In case you're wondering where you can find these 5 craft beers, the answer is simple. You'll find these and many more at the Golden Nugget Beer Fest going on this Friday and Saturday at the Golden Nugget.

I've provided links to all the beers Scott talks about so you can read more about them. You'll  find those links just below the video.

-- Terrapin Beer Company's "Liquid Bliss"
-- Anchor Brewing Company's "Old Foghorn Ale"
-- Brooklyn Brewery's "Sorachi Ace
-- Bayou Teche Beer's "Cocodrie"
--40 Arpent Brewery's "Duckweed IPA"