A new study says more than half of us say we'd HAPPILY leave our job if a better one came up. And 44% are actually looking for that better job right now. That's a pretty heavy number when you stop and think about it. I mean, that's really close to 50% percent of the work force saying they would be happier doing something else.

The weird thing is that a lot of people are not happy doing what they're doing, but they say they won't leave their current job. You may wonder why, if these people don't really enjoy their jobs, do they stay on the job?

Well, here are their reasons for staying at a job they're not crazy about: This could also be five great ways to get good employees to stay,

1.  Paying them more than they could get somewhere else.

2.  Providing above average benefits.

3.  A fun work environment.

4.  A flexible work environment.

5.  Fitting in with their values.