Business Insider is a great place for all kinds of financial tips and money saving ideas and, who couldn't stand to save a little money during this time of year. This year, the magazine issued some great ideas on spending saving some serious money during the holidays.

According to the article you should:

1. The 10 Second Rule -- this is simple one. If you think you really want something, pick it up and hold it and think about how you could use the product or if you begin to see this thing you think you need and picture it ending up on the top back shelf in the closet, leave it there.

2. Don't Take the Plastic Shopping - Set yourself a cash budget and leave the cards at home. You should know roughly what you plan to spend in cold hard cash and by taking cash only, you're much more likely to follow that budget and know that if you go overboard you won't have enough money for the rest of your shopping.

3.  Shop Solo -- There is not safety in numbers when it comes to saving money. Quite often when we go shopping with friends and such it turns into a buying contest and both parties get distracted  from the goals of the trip and the next thing you know, you've over spent your Christmas budget.

4. Plan and Make Fewer Trips -- It's well known that the more time you spend in shopping mode, the more you're going to spend. Try and plot out the best course for getting almost everything on the same day. The more you return to do more shopiing the more you are going to spend.

5. Stick to Your List -- No big explanation here. Make a list and stick to it. Don't do any side shopping trips unless they were already on your list.

There are 6 more great money saving tips at Business Insider.