Who knew there's a  place where salt is used for money and that mouthwash that is supposed to give you good breath can actually give you bad breath.

The toothbrush was actually invented by a prisoner using bone and horse hair until he got out of jail, then he refined it - YEAH. But I bet he never thought there would be some crazy flavored toothpaste like bacon, scotch or pickle flavored that would go with his toothbrush.

And it's no wonder we suffer from back problems when the average purse women carry is 5-6 lbs. Americans could save about $410 million dollars if we'd follow the example of most pharmacist and nurses who reach for generic headache and back pain medicines instead of the expensive brand names. Not that generic would weigh less in our bags but they's sure make our pocketbooks feel better.

So watch this short video and learn lots of fun facts that will make you think, make you laugh and maybe save you some money!