I have to admit it right here. I'm a beer snob.

No offense to you if you're a fan of any of the well known American beers that you can find at any store, but I never liked any of them. In fact, I never liked beer until my friend Tod Ardoin introduced me to the complex world of beer.

Beer has more varieties and are more complex than does wine and it's every person to themselves when it comes to taste.

Here, in my opinion, are three beers you've got to try.

These are in no particular order so I'll start with the one I usually order.

Getty Images/Ilya S Savenok

#3 - Guinness - It's as black as night and if you're ever in Ireland, all you have to say is, 'Give me a pint of the black stuff' and you'll you'll get a pint of Guinness.

For some reason a lot of people think that, because it's black it must be thick. Get that thought out of your mind. Guinness.

Guinness is a hearty beer though and some people call it a 'pork chop in a glass' because of all the calories. It's decidedly not 'lite.'

Guinness has some chocolate and coffee notes in it and is just over 4% alcohol.


#2 - Chimay- This is one of many great beers from Belgium and it's a classic. Chimay is an abbey ale and it is indeed brewed by monks at the monastery at Forges-les-Chimay. It's been brewed the same way since 1861. Chimay Bleue (Blue Label) is about 9% alcohol so it's not one that you would sit and drink one after another, but the flavor is amazing with roasted malts and a touch of bitterness. You'll also taste some notes of fruit in this beer, but it's not a fruity tasting beer in the least.


#1 Monk's Cafe Flemish Style Sour - Okay, this is one of those beers that you'll either fall in love with or pour out after one taste. Sours are not for everybody's taste, but they hit my taste buds just right. the aroma is a bit vinegary but not overwhelmingly so. Yes, there is a bit of sourness in the flavor, but if you've never tried a sour beer, this is the one to try. It makes for a very refreshing summer style beer great for cooling off on a hot summer day.

Next time you want a beer and want to expand your beer palate, try one of these. At least one of them may change your mind about beer.

Warning! You could become a beer snob.