There was a great article in USA Today regarding three apps that are available to make sure the kids stay safe when they're out gathering candy. These apps are free and they can add a lot of peace of mind to parents who let their kids go out in the neighborhood to Trick-Or-Treat.

1. Family Locator - This handy little App uses the GPS on the phone to track the kids and show exactly where they are in real time. Parents can simply log on and the app will pull up a map of the kids location. It also works for the kids as well since all they have to do is push an SOS button and it will automatically send you their location.

2. Red Panic Button - Now, the Red Panic Button is perfect for little kids since it's so easy to operate. The app, quite simply, really is a big, red "panic button." If the kid pushes the button, parents get a message and a map showing the kids location.

3. Life 360 -Like the two previous apps, this one has maps and locators, but the big difference here is that with  "Life 360" parents can set boundaries for their kids. If the kid wanders out of the boundary area, this app will send parents an alert. Life 360 really is the perfect app for keeping up with the kids all year long.

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