Graco, which is owned by Newell Rubbermaid, has announced that it is recalling 3.8 million of it's car seats because of a buckle problem. Notice that the recall is for 'child' car seats and not 'infant' car seats. That difference is part of the story.

It seems that the buckle can become jammed with crud that all kids spill on their car seats and make it nearly impossible to get the child out of the car seat. While that may be a minor concern on an ordinary day, it could be extremely dangerous in an emergency.

Here's more on that:

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is not happy that the recall does not extend to infant car seats with the same buckle system. If the recall did include those seats, the number of seats recalled would increase by close to 2 million.

Several people reported the problem and were not satisfied with the response from the company. One couple was offered $40 toward a new car seat.

If you, or someone you know has a Graco car seat, here is a link to the recalled models