Have another cup, and another

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In today’s fast paced hurry-up world in which every few months a new medical study arrives declaring more caffeine is good for you, followed by attestments that too much caffeine is bad for you, what’s a person to do?  Read the latest medical journals over a cup of coffee of course.

A New Orleans Coffee company plans to expand in Louisiana to as many as 50 new locations. The realtor that is helping the company scout locations across the state says it’s a sign as to how popular coffee is.

It’s also a sign as to how profitable the retail coffee industry is: buy coffee for an average of $4-$6 a lb, put up a fancy neon sign, hire people to serve it and give them a fancy title, and make swirly designs with creame and profit $10-$22 per pound in a retail area of as little as 900 square feet and for little to no utility costs overall.

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In the future, look for a CC’s Coffee near you, and near other coffee houses – as part of the successful business plan is to locate near others – you may have noticed ‘fast food’ chains are nearly always grouped together – researchers know that it’s good to build near other successful retailers in your line, so that when consumers are hungry or thirsty they’ll have plenty of choices geographically.

That’s the end of this article, now I need to walk down the hallway to where the company kitchen is, with its vending machines grouped together, near the coffee pot…in the mornings, that’s where you’ll most often find me.