None of us want to waste money, so here is a video list of 25 items you should try to avoid when you're shelling out your hard earned money. Some of the items are the list may be old hat to you, but some of the items on the list may take you by surprise.

For example, did you know that, on average, getting a law degree can be a waste of money. Doesn't seem that getting higher education could ever be a waste of time especially in what can be such a lucrative profession, but this video makes some good points about why getting that law degree can be a waste of money.

We all know that buying bottled water can be a complete waste of money since, most of the time, the water in those bottles is no more special that the water that comes out of your tap. In addition to the two I've mentioned, there are 23 other items that you should try to avoid buying if you possibly can.