When it comes to modern technology, I'm far from the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I feel much smarter since reading the results of this survey form the Los Angeles Times.

Now, I use a computer just about all day, every day, and for the longest time I felt bad that I understood how to use them, but not the 'why' of computers. Now, I have a different attitude about that. We all watch TV or listen to the radio and very, very few of us know how they work. I mean, other than the fact that it's magic.

See if you don't feel 'tech savvy' after reading this survey.

11% of people think HTML is a sexually transmitted disease.

12% of Americans think USB is an acronym for a European country.

18% think Blu-ray is a marine animal.

23% think MP3 is a "Star Wars" robot.

27% think a gigabyte is an insect found in South America.

42% think a motherboard is the deck of a cruise ship.

And finally, 61% say it's important to have strong knowledge of technology in this day and age.

Feel like a computer genius now?