Here we are at the end of another year. Just think, in just a few short days, it will be 2017 and every news outlet on earth will be running specials telling us what we need to remember about the past year.

Facebook isn't waiting around and has compiled a list of the most interesting videos of the past year. Socially speaking, it was an interesting year, video wise mainly because of the elections, but almost nothing involving the election made the real cut.

Coming in at #1 is the video from back in May  that features the mom trying on the "Chewbacca" mask and laughing non-stop. Hardly cutting edge comedy, but the video had over 162 million views!



You never know what's going to catch on! Of all things, here's a guy by the name of Ted Yoder who made it to the second place spot by playing "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" on the hammered dulcimer.


The third most popular video of 2016 for Facebook was a video posted that showed the countdown to the next Presidential election.