I guess everyone thinks about how they would spend an unexpected windfall and $10,000 would be a good amount to have drop from the sky, now wouldn't it?

Oh, sure..you could buy some presents or get out of debt...But face it..very few of us get Ten Grand for just listening to the radio (yes, a cheap plug)..

 So, I say, have some real fun with it. Pretend you are a spoiled movie star for a day...

  Here's how I would do it... (For extra surprises, click on the individual orange titles!)

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    Spend a Day on the Farm

    Go "Green Acres"

    This idyllic farm is located just 25 miles north of Manhattan in the countryside of Pocantico Hills, New York. The lush 80-acre complex features rolling pastures and cultivated fields, where farmers raise livestock and grow a lush bounty of crops. Its mission is simple: Improve the way Americans eat and farm. Within this picturesque compound resides the critically hailed restaurant Blue Hill at Stone Barns, which offers multiple-course farmers' feasts prepared from the day's harvest. If all of this sounds too delicious to resist, then you'll love the experiences we have planned for you—two of which are available only to our online customers.

    As Seen In the 2011 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book: Daytrip to Stone Barns Farm
    Gather six friends and head to the farm, where your group will participate in a hands-on learning experience. Farmer Jack Algiere will host an "edible garden lesson" and help participants plot their own home-based garden. Next, you'll receive a cooking demonstration from Chef-Kitchen Director Adam Kaye, followed by a four-course lunch featuring the best seasonal ingredients. The purchase of this package benefits the nonprofit Stone Barns Center with 100% of the proceeds.

    And the great part is that if you spend 2 days, it's only $20,000..Why that's a savings of...No, Wait..that's just two times 10....Never mind.

    Neiman Marcus
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    Take 40 People to a Johnny Walker Scotch Tasting!

    If you don't know 40 people you could take 20 and let them go through twice...Madness will ensue!!

    In 1820 in Kilmarnock, Scotland, an enterprising young man named Johnnie Walker created powerful scotch blends that remain unrivaled in taste to this day. Now you can experience the smoothness of these perfectly aged libations during The Ultimate Scotch Tasting—your chance to host a truly exceptional gathering in the comfort of your own home. You and 20 guests will be entertained by an authentic Scottish bagpiper, while a Master of Whisky relays the history and palatable attributes of the five premium marques in the Johnnie Walker® portfolio: the Blue, Black, Gold, Red, and Green Labels. You needn't lift more than a snifter, as a top-notch event planner will be on hand to orchestrate the entire evening. Guests will leave with a custom-engraved bottle of Johnnie's premium-blend Blue Label for their personal enjoyment. The best part? 100% of the proceeds from this tax-deductible event will go directly to amfAR™, The Foundation for AIDS Research—now that's something to raise your glass to! Five available. To learn more about the charity, please visit www.amFAR.org. All recipients and participants must be 21 years of age or older. Please drink responsibly. This gift is fulfilled by marketing agency MKTG.

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    Still Cheaper Than the Martini From the Ritz-Carlton

    For $10,000 It Had Better Be Mixed Correctly!

    The Martini on the Rock priced at $10,000 comes with a pre-selected diamond sparkling on the bottom.

    The drink is listed in the Algonquin Hotel bar menu at $10,000, but the actual cost of the beverage is based on the market value of the diamond in the glass. So I guess If you are on a budget, you could order the more sensible $5,000 Martini

    algonquin hotel
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    The $10,000 Teddy Bear...Hey, At Least Teddy Ruxpin Talked!

    Perfect Gift for the High-Maintenance Woman

    Last February, a unique plush teddy bear was unveiled at the American International Toy Fair in New York – priced at a whopping $10,000.

    Snuffles the bear is made with white alpaca fur, features black Tahitian pearls for eyes and sports a 10-carat diamond necklace with a white gold chain.

    With a price tag so high, it’s no wonder that Snuffles was placed in a glass case guarded by security guards and a red velvet rope barricade.

    The $10,000 teddy bear went on a US tour, before being sold at auction.

    He's a product of American International Toys.

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    A Pair of $10,000 Blue Jeans

    There Are Uglier Jeans ... For LESS !!

    What makes them so expensive, your logical minds might wonder. Well, they are diamond studded, hand threaded, and have white gold buttons. They also have over 1,000 Swarovski crystals on each pair.

    The next question your mind might wonder, is who would actually pay $10,000 for them? Jamie Foxx, for one, and some Korean popstar named Tim (yes, just 'Tim').

    On each pair, both back pockets has its own a one-carat diamond embedded into the fabric. Can you spot the bling?

    Also, are they not the most ostentatious (not to mention ugly), jeans you've ever seen?

    Photo courtesy of Moss Networks

    There are tons of other really bad fashion decisions. Luckily we now have the Official Fashion Police Website

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