Back in 1914, the folks of Beauregard Parish buried a time capsule in a corner of the Beauregard Parish Courthouse with the thought that, someday, people would unearth it and find out about that area circa 1914.

Well, it's not like people have been eagerly awaiting the opening of the time capsule because, basically, it was forgotten about until workers found the thing in a cornerstone of the building.

The history of the capsule is lost and no one knows why the capsule was buried or what it may contain, but the mystery will be revealed soon.

All that will change at 2 p.m. Saturday, May 28, when the Grand Lodge of the State of Louisiana, Free and Accepted Masons, along with the DeRidder Masonic Lodge No. 27, will open the time capsule during a public ceremony at the corner of South Stewart Street and U.S. 171.

Until the ceremony, the capsule can be viewed at the Greater Beauregard Chamber of Commerce, 111 N Washington St.