Halloween costumes have changed a lot over the Years. It's funny how, some of the characters have remained constant while the way they are depicted in costume has changed radically. Of course, we are in the age of the"sexy" costume right now. For decades women have worn witch outfits, they've dressed up as nurses and cartoon characters, but if you go to a costume shop these days, it's all sexy witches and nurses.

Back in the early days most of the costumes were pretty cumbersome and the mask were made of paper-mache. We can only imagine how heavy those mask must have been not to mention how hot they were. There's also a creepy factor to those paper-mache mask. In the video, you'll see the model dressed as Minnie Mouse, but the mask is anything but cute. In fact, it borders on being scary.

Watching this video may give you some ideas about costumes for The Monster Bash coming up Halloween night at the Isle of Capri. If you've ever attended one of our Monster Bash parties, you know how fun they are and this year we have live entertainment from Bag-O-Donuts. It all gets underway at 8 p.m. Halloween Night at the event center at the Isle, so keep listening to win tickets and get ready to have a great time with us.