Oh sure, we all like to think that once we reach 'adulthood', we leave behind all the childish behavior, but after reading this, you'll have to admit that we're not as grown up as we think we are.

See if someone you know displays any of the '10 Ways Adults Act Like Teenagers.'

1.  Sulking and pouting, mostly to get attention and sympathy. I'm just going to take a guess here and say that I'll bet both sexes do this, but men are the worst.

2.  Texting all the time. Well, not ALL the time, but a lot!

3.  Leaving dirty clothes on the floor. Guilty. Of course, I'm the only one concerned about it since I don't have anyone to either pick up after me or complain about the clothes all over the floor.

4.  Intentionally saying things to push other people's buttons. I try to avoid people who do this one.

5.  Spending lots of time sleeping. Innocent. I consider sleeping too much a waste of time.

6.  Eating all of the food in the fridge. Uh...maybe

7.  Talking about how unfair life is. Innocent again.

8.  Slamming doors. Who would hear it?  See #3

9.  Obsessing about what we look like.  Hmmm. I don't think I do this one. then again, deos my hair look okay today?

10.  Asking for money all the time. For a lot of us, this one isn't an option, but if your folks are still living or your significant other has ready cash, well....